🚄 I maximize the value of your continuous integration pipeline *

By writing unit tests (in JavaScript), integration tests, automated browser tests or by refining/reviving your existing test-suite.

As a contributor of jest 🃏 and its eco system, creator of various unknown test frameworks and plugins and early adopter of browser automation testing I know how to deeply cover an application with the right amount of tests.

🚔 Sure I favour TDD

Test driven development has taught me how to write well designed Interfaces and focus on the right things in testing. If you have the capacity to write tests while developing your app, I strongly recommend you do so. I offer intense pairing sessions to bring you up to speed and teach you everything I know about this topic.

🚀 Focus on Features

On the other hand: What if you could only focus on features? What if someone else would take care of your unit-tests? Or pet your integration pipeline? I cover your back so you can care for your core business and I will also report to you on how you could improve your APIs.

* In case you dont have a CI, I can also help you with that :)