Work I’m especially proud of:

2017 Q3 - 2018 Q2+

Creation of a Component Library Hosting Platform

patternson logo

Gathering all the learnings from past gigs, my brother Lasse Diercks and me created the groundwork of a hosting platform for technology-agnostic components. Check out for a alpha invite.

2018 Q1

Development of an open source styleguide plugin for nuxt.js

Following the vision to increase quality and efficiency of product design and development workflows by enabling a team to create abstractions around user interface related decisions. We came up with nuxt-styleguide as a tool to support this.

2017 Q1-2

Creation of an interface library and development environment for a multi-million user social network

My focus was architectural component design, lean tooling and workflows, cross-team communication and overall code quality.
The tool is now providing the technical fundament for more than four product teams and probably will be used by all front-end teams in the near future.

2015 - 2016

Jimdo UI Library

Example Screenshot of the UI Library

The Jimdo UI library is a design and development environment and process that successfully reduced development time and unified the appearance of the product. It played a significant role in a comprehensive redesign mid 2016. I was the lead developer for technical concepts and implementation. Initially I envisioned and started this project along with Fabian Fabian and my brother Lasse Diercks.
A part of the project is visible as the Jimdo UI Hub.

2015 - 2016

Modernising tooling/CD all internal front-end dependencies of Jimdo

I moved 20+ front-end modules (OSS and private) from bower, grunt/gulp, manual versioning, testing, releasing to a state of the art front-end tooling stack using npm, webpack, semantic release, travis ci and so on.

2014 - 2015

Jimdo Template Selection and and Customisation

Example Screenshot of the Jimdo Template Selection

Along with one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with, I’ve created the current templating and customisation system of Jimdo. Focussing on front-end architecture, front-end tooling, user experience, integration with our legacy stack and data-driven development of related systems.

2014 - present

Converting people to use and utilize commit message formats

I’m an ambassador of writing meaningfull commit messages and maintaining a usefull git commit log. It not only eases up the work of my fellow developers and future me, it also enables a tremendous amount of automation and tooling.

I’ve also held a talk about that at JS Unconf 2016. Here are the slides for “stop writing commitMESSages”.

Education + Jobs

2017 - present:

Freelance web developer and advisor

2008 - present:

Continuously improving on everything I’m interested in. (See Skills)

2014 - 2016:, various product teams: development, architecture, UX, concept, tooling, workflows, …

2013:, web-team: design, development and technical concepts for (the actual website, not the tool).

2011 - 2013:, full stack developer for WordPress plugins + templates, Typo3 plugins, jQuery, iPhone apps, custom PHP services, …

2009 - 2011:, apprenticeship for digital and print media design with focus on web design and programming.


Abitur (german A Level equivalent)